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Five Hot Days in July
by Virginia A. Wulfkuhle, Kansas Coordinator

“Interpreting pictures of the past helped me think like an archeologist—the inferences we could make and the further questions these pictures made me think of.” – Teacher

“Archaeology in the Classroom” brought together 11 Kansas teachers, diverse in grade level, subject, geographic location, personality, and teaching style, but all enthusiastic about learning to teach with archaeology and eager to contribute their own experiences. The group included first, third, fifth, sixth, and eighth grade teachers of social studies, science, world history, math, language arts, and gifted from all over eastern Kansas.

The Kansas Historical Society (KSHS) partnered with Greenbush Resource Center in Eudora to offer this workshop free of charge. The education service center provided well-equipped classrooms and food for teachers employed in its member school districts. With a small infusion of funds from the Kansas Historic Preservation Office, the KSHS furnished instructors, books, and other materials.

“This workshop opened my eyes to how in depth the job of an archaeologist is. It also helps me answer some of the questions my students have had that I couldn’t answer before.” – Teacher

On July 23 and 24 Project Archaeology Leadership Academy graduates in 2013, Susan Schuckman and Kay Hansen from the Blue Valley School District, joined KSHS Public Archeologist Virginia Wulfkuhle in modeling Project Archaeology: Investigating Shelter. The Pawnee earthlodge investigation was used. The third day was devoted to the Kansas-specific units, The Archaeology of Wichita Indian Shelter in Kansas, The Archaeology of Early Agriculture in Kansas, and Migration of the Pueblo People to El Cuartelejo. An optional field exercise was offered on July 26-27. Wulfkuhle was assisted on Saturday by Vita Tucker, an experienced Kansas Anthropological Association volunteer.

“Resources were awesome. The whole workshop was informative and I will be able to implement the lessons into my 5th grade classroom.” – Teacher

“Getting materials I can take back and use in my classroom [was the highlight]. I like that because we have NO resources we can use for this.” – Teacher

“I think culture is a confusing concept for little kids but this explains it in a way they can understand.” – Teacher

“I liked how the Kansas standards were addressed so I could see exactly how they fit.” -Teacher

2015 Kansas Teacher Workshop

Inaugural Arkansas Workshop
by Mel Harvey

“Archaeology is a lens through which students can understand the world. Great for social studies and explaining where we get some knowledge and understanding of the past.” -Teacher

On Monday, July 21, I gave a 1-day Project Archaeology Teacher Workshop at Parkin Archeological State Park. In attendance were a total of 16 people: 15 area teachers from various grade levels and 1 Park Interpreter from Lower White River Museum State Park. Participants received 6 hours of professional development credit as approved through the Arkansas Department of Education.

It was a free workshop for attendants as I purchased Investigating Shelter with park funds and printed the Slave Cabin Shelter Investigation and other handouts (activities and Common Core alignments) with the park copier and bound them altogether with folders I had on hand. Refreshments (doughnuts, fruit, coffee, chocolate) were purchased with funding left over from a Walmart Community grant we secured earlier in the year for another project.

By some complete miracle, I stayed completely on time and did exactly as I scheduled. Some of the lessons were only done “in brief,” meaning that I explained the lesson’s objectives, activities, and how it fit into the big picture. I did, however cover every lesson in some form or fashion.

“The hands on activities and the knowledge of the subject matter. This was a great workshop and I feel that it can be modified for any grade. Awesome!” – Teacher


Park interpreters are continually developing new and exciting educational programs for groups who visit Parkin Archeological State Park. Teachers, spend the day exploring this site by participating in educational programs and activities and earn up to six Arkansas Department of Education approved professional development hours. Each teacher will receive information packets on the resources available at Parkin as well as lesson plan ideas.

“The activities focused on inferring, and for many students, this is difficult. This is great practice for that skill!” – Teacher. 2015 Arkansas Teacher Workshop

Colorado Summer Workshop
Conducted by Dani Hoefer

“Having professional support for the curriculum is great; nice to be part of a team!” – Teacher

Project Archaeology launched at History Colorado in July of 2014. Teachers attended from several parts of Colorado including Salida and one who will teach internationally on line. There were 7 teachers, 1 archaeologist, and 2 CAS members in attendance! History Colorado hosted the workshop and Richard Wilschusen from the Colorado Office of History and Archaeology Preservation. The staff of the museum worked behind the scenes to make sure we had a great experience. Michelle Pearson, History Colorado (and a Leadership Academy grad), and Todd McMahon OHAP, staff archaeologist and longtime PA educator, taught the workshop with Dani Hoefer. Sarah Baer, SWCA and PA educator joined on Monday afternoon to co-teach several lessons. Todd worked with Jack Warner to have a super fieldtrip to a rock shelter in Douglas County.

Overall, the teachers appreciated the curriculum, resources and the wonderful field study. History Colorado welcomed enthusiastic teachers during the two-day workshop and encouraged them to use archaeology in the classroom. Dani Hoefer is a tremendous leader and fostered a partnership with History Colorado and it is just the beginning. A waiting list was started for the next workshop!

2015 Colorado Teacher Workshop

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