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I want to let you in on a little secret. I don’t expect every child who learns from Project Archaeology materials to want to become an archaeologist. Yup! I said it! I LOVE it when I hear stories about children discovering archaeology through our materials and growing up to become an archaeologist. Yes, it actually happens and makes us incredibly happy when we hear about it. What really makes me trudge through the snow to the office is knowing that children learning from our materials are receiving important life skills. Cultural understanding, critical thinking, and stewardship are just a few of the life skills that Project Archaeology teaches. We want students to care about archaeology not only because of its contribution to science but also because of its relevance and importance to people today. At the end of the day, if one student develops these skills, I will consider the world a better place than when I walked into the office that morning.

Project Archaeology’s budget is made up of grants, contracts, and research agreements. This funding comes from different institutions and varies in amount. One example of funding is our assistant agreement with the Bureau of Land Management. This agreement helps fund important events like Leadership Academy and the National Archaeology Educators Conference. No matter their origin, this type of funding is for specific projects like the creation of a curriculum or putting on events like educator workshops. This is how we create curricula, like Investigating Shelter and Investigating Food and Land. Though we get funding to develop curricula, we do not receive any for most of our small informal events and support—like Project Archaeology staff going to STEM nights, visiting a classroom, or partaking in a classroom field trip to an archaeological site. This is where any donation has an important part to play.

Today may not be Giving Day, but you can give a tax-deductible donation to Project Archaeology any day of the week. The donated funds will go towards new, exciting plans for the future. We have ideas for future projects that extend beyond the written books available on the website. These donated funds will go directly to funding these new projects as well as traveling to outreach events so we can provide support to local students and our community. We want to educate in every way possible, and this sort of outreach is the next step. Please consider a donation to Project Archaeology!

Please donate here. Even a dollar is awesome.