Happiest of Fridays to you all. The moment is finally here, you can purchase Investigating Medicine Rocks from our online store! We are excited and pleased to be able to bring some excitement into the otherwise stressful days and weeks that many have had recently. If this is the only blog you’ve read about this amazing new curriculum, here are the highlights:


  • Investigating Medicine Rocks is a regional investigation from our Investigating Rock Art series.
  • Investigating Medicine Rocks is located in Ekalaka, Montana and was authored by Project Archaeology network member and Carter County Museum Director, Sabre Moore. She wrote a blog about it a few months back.
  • Medicine Rocks is an incredibly unique site for students to study because people have occupied it for thousands of years. As a result, it has beautiful and well-preserved rock art!
  • Students will experience analyzing art, learning about the local history of the Ekalaka area, and participate in hands-on activities that help students answer our essential questions and uncover enduring understandings.
  • Investigating Medicine Rocks, like all Project Archaeology curricula, satisfies national educational standards.
  • This curriculum has been tested with educators, archaeologists, and students to ensure its efficacy.


Investigating Medicine Rocks is an engaging curriculum that is part of our very popular and highly-reviewed Investigating Rock Medicine Rocks CoverArt curriculum. This high-quality educational material has been used to teach hundreds of thousands of students across the country for decades, and we hope this new addition will bring a new and valuable region to light for classrooms. The subject of rock art is often an unforgotten art form, but it actually fosters a deep understanding of history, art, and culture—making it a valuable addition to any classroom. Take a look at Lesson Four from Investigating Rock Art and see an example of the wonderful things it can bring to your classroom.


Click to download Lesson Four from Investigating Rock Art


In Investigating Medicine Rocks, students learn the etymology of relevant words, analyze one of the rock art panels from Medicine Rocks State Park, review the history of the area from two perspectives, and use a hands-on activity to further emphasize what they have learned.


Archaeology can seem like a complex undertaking to teach, especially if one is not intimately familiar with the subject. Project Archaeology always provides a detailed Background Information section that provides all the information necessary to teach and understand the subject matter. Every lesson is consistently structured to be easily implemented. Please take a look at the SNEAK PEEK of Investigating Medicine Rocks to get a good idea about how we structure background information and lessons. 

Back cover of Medicine Rocks

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Click to get a sneak peek of Investigating Medicine Rocks


This link is only one part of the curriculum, which is a part of Investigating Rock Art, but we do hope it gives you a good idea of our materials and wets your appetite!


Investigating Medicine Rocks is a new curriculum that we are all very proud of, and you can buy it here: