By Katherine Hodge, Public Education Coordinator 

We have a new curriculum to announce: Investigating a Wintu Roundhouse! Over the next week, you will get a sneak peek into the new shelter investigation with a free lesson, a discount code to use when buying the curriculum, and meet the descendent community member, Mr. Ted Dawson, and archaeologist, Ms. Elaine Sundahl, featured in the investigation!


Students will have the opportunity to analyze real data from this archaeological site in California. Using a four part model, students will go through the geography of California to understand how landscape impact shelters. They will gain historical context to better understand the time period and those living in it. Students will have the ability to interact with and recreate the archaeological site in their very own classroom. Finally, they will understand how these roundhouses in northern California are still used today by the Wintu people.


Within this investigation, Project Archaeology has included illustrations, artifacts, and maps of a Wintu roundhouse that is located in Redding, California. To best understand these included materials, the classroom is led through the investigation by Ted Dawson, a Nor Rel Muk Wintu ethnobotanist and educator. To supplement their understanding, students will then analyze historic records. They will also uncover a real archaeological site and classify its artifacts. Finally, through their furthered understanding of local geography, students will be able to understand how the landscape of northern California shaped the design choices of the Wintu roundhouse.


With this investigation, students will be able to explore many different facets of archaeology, such as how the same kind of roundhouses as they analyzed in the archaeological data are used today. They will also gain insight into different cultures by reading texts by and about Wintu tribal members. Like all of Project Archaeology’s curriculum, Investigating a Wintu Roundhouse supports Common Core State Standards and incorporates authentic data for students to analyze.


Next week, we will post a blog every day with more exciting details about Investigating a Wintu Roundhouse! Stay tuned for more and on Friday, September 25th, you will be able to buy it from our store!