By Katherine Hodge, Public Education Coordinator

Today we are giving you a sneak peek of Investigating a Wintu Roundhouse in the form of a free lesson!

To recap about our exciting new curriculum:

  • Investigating a Wintu Roundhouse is a regional investigation from our Project Archaeology: Investigating Shelter series
  • The archaeological site featured in Investigating a Wintu Roundhouse is located in Northern California on the Sacramento River
  • Investigating a Wintu Roundhouse is an incredibly unique shelter for students to study because of the rich cultural history of the Wintu people and the wealth of archaeological artifacts excavated at the Tanya site.
  • Students will experience analyzing archaeological evidence from a real site, learning about the history of northern California, and participate in hands-on activities that help students answer our essential questions and uncover enduring understandings.
  • Investigating a Wintu Roundhouse, like all Project Archaeology curricula, satisfies national educational standards.
  • The curriculum has been tested with educators, archaeologists, and students to ensure its efficacy.

Grindstone roundhouse 1923

Investigating a Wintu Roundhouse is an engaging curriculum that is part of our popular and highly-reviewed Project Archaeology: Investigating Shelter curriculum. This high-quality educational material has been used to teach hundreds of thousands of students across the country for decades. We hope this new addition will bring a unique and shelter-type to light for classrooms.

Burned wooden beams from a roundhhouse found during an archaeological excavation

Teaching archaeology can seem like a complex undertaking, especially if one is not familiar with the subject. Project Archaeology always provides a detailed background information section that provides all the information necessary to teach and understand the subject matter. Every lesson is consistently structured to be effectively implemented. Please take at the SNEAK PEEK of Investigating a Wintu Roundhouse to get a good idea about how we structure background information and lessons.


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