To celebrate the New Year, Project Archaeology is trying something new, a book club!

Here’s how it will work:  

The Project Archaeology staff have planned out many exciting new blog series for the New Year. With each series, we will be introducing a book to read for our new book club. This book will be something we think expands on and complements the information provided in the series while encouraging deeper thought and inquiry.

Here’s the schedule to look forward to:

We publish our blogs on Friday. The following Monday, we will post a blog about the book club book to give you more information and guidance. After this, we will incorporate guiding questions to promote inquiry and our thoughts at the end of each week’s blog. The last blog post of a thematic series will also contain the new book’s announcement at the bottom. Hopefully, this will give you time to get the book from your library or local book store. The next week, we will start the new blog series on Friday.

Here’s an example: Indiana Jones Series starts Friday, January 1st

  • Monday, January 11th we do our first book club blog
  • The following blogs on Jan. 15th, 22nd, and 29th have book club questions at the bottom of the blog
  • The blog on Friday, January 29th, the last in the series, will announce the next series’s book

Here are the rules of engagement:

We know there are many books out there, so we are doing our best to choose a book that will be interesting to many audiences, readily accessible, and relevant to the blog series. We are looking forward to engaging with y’all via our social media platforms about your thoughts and conclusions from reading. When posting, please remember to be courteous to others and polite of differing opinions. Hearty debates about archaeology are awesome as long as they are kept respectful!

Here’s what you can expect from us:

We will engage with comments on posts as they come to help conversations or create inspiring questions. We will provide questions and context for why the book was chosen, who authored it, and any other useful information.

Here’s what we’d love from you:

We excited to chat with y’all about your thoughts, conclusions, and musings! Please comment on relevant social media posts and respond to others to get a discussion going. We also are open to any suggestions you have about books, questions, or the book club itself (Kate Hodge at

This is an example of what to look for at the bottom of our blog

Look for a box like this at the bottom of our Friday blogs for guiding questions and thoughts from Project Archaeology staff about the book we are reading during that blog series.