Investigating a Fremont Pithouse incorporates authentic archaeological and historical research to teach students about the use and importance of the Fremont Pithouse and the past and present lives of Fremont people.

Discover the past through evidence from an archaeological site in Utah! In this investigation students will use geography, history, and archaeology to learn about a pithouse and the Fremont Poeple who lived in them.

Examine¬†illustrations, artifacts, and maps of the Fremont Pithouse located in central Utah. Students meet Rick and Rena Pikyavit, Southern Paiute tribal members, through reading a biogrpahy and oral histories. Then they “uncover” a real archaeological site, classify artifacts, and infer how the geogrpahic area of Utah shaped the pithouse.

Explore the use of a pithouse and the cultural correlations today.

  • Includes text by and about Southern Paiute tribal members
  • Supports Common Core State Standards
  • Incorporates authentic data for students to analyze