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     The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Montana State University (MSU) are working closely on a path forward for Project Archaeology that respects and honors our long, successful partnership. The Project Archaeology program has different needs now than when it first started and it was decided an amicable ending of the BLM-MSU Project Archaeology partnership is what is best. 
    During this restructuring time, the BLM and MSU have decided to pause the orders/sales of program materials and reestablish network support. Currently there isn’t sufficient staffing capacity or institutional knowledge to effectively manage and distribute the orders.
    The BLM and MSU are working together behind the scenes to distribute curriculum guides for teacher workshops planned for this summer and make a transition for the continued availability of materials. The website will continue to be maintained and available for communication purposes but the orders/sales will remain paused indefinitely until the transition is finalized.
    As we move forward with winding down the BLM-MSU Project Archaeology partnership, there is a solid commitment to find ways to continue to support the program. The BLM and MSU will come away as “friend” organizations that want the best for Project Archaeology and the people who are invested in it. 
    This site will be updated as new information is available. The BLM can provide  communication or technical support, if needed, please contact me at

Thank you,
Maya Fuller
BLM Headquarters
Division of Education, Cultural & Paleontological Resources   

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