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The Project Archaeology Team

The Project Archaeology team consists of a national network of archaeology educators and a national office that provides leadership, guidance, and support. 


National Network Coordinator, Interim Director

Erika Malo has over a decade of public outreach and Cultural Resource Management experience. Ms. Malo has a M.A. in anthropology with an emphasis in Cultural Resource Management from the University of Alaska Anchorage. She has experience working with Federal Agencies, private contractors, Tribes, Alaska Native Corporations, and nonprofits throughout the United States. Her specialties include project management, consultation, creative mitigation, and social media management. Ms. Malo is a strong believer in the importance of consultation and collaboration in the development of relevant public archaeology products.

Kate Hodge, BA

Public Education Coordinator

Kate Hodge graduated from the University of Chicago, majoring in Anthropology and History. She has worked in the Field Museum as a Scientific Affiliate and at the Oriental Institute as an Education Facilitator. Ms. Hodge has fieldwork experience from all over the world as well as in various scientific labs. She focuses on GIS, digitization, database science, and has academic interests in religion, architecture, and landscape. Ms. Hodge is looking forward to working more on informal archaeological education and is excited to be a part of Project Archaeology.


Research Assistant

Hannah Ludlow is a Junior at Montana State University. She is studying anthropology and history and is a student of the Honors College. Archaeology is a subject near and dear to her heart and she looks forward to learning more about archaeology and teaching as she grows as an archaeologist and student. Her work primarily involves assisting in and preparing events as well as writing for the Project Archaeology blog and social media.


“Students LOVED all materials and units.”

Erika Shupe

High School Latin Teacher, Montana

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