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We have heard the proverb "It takes a village to raise a child". Stated another way, it takes collaboration to raise a child.  Taking it one step farther, it takes collaboration to raise a child's archaeological literacy!  The Project Archaeology program in Missouri...

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A Student Teaching Students

On a Fourth Grade Field Trip to an Archaeology Site By Meghan Forney, MSU Anthropology student and Project Archaeology intern When I look back on my life up until this point, I notice that 1) I seem to have been a student for forever and 2) that the chapters of my...

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Native American Perspectives on Thanksgiving

“Correctly taught, the issues of the era of the first Thanksgiving could help Americans grow more thoughtful and more tolerant...”~James Loewen, Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong, 1995 National Native American Heritage Month...

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Archaeology Summer School Program

Project Archaeology on Display in the Big Horn Basin by Ryan Boettcher, High School Math Teacher The students of Rocky Mountain Middle School in Cowley, Wyoming have been seeing archaeology in action over the past three summers during a four-week long summer school...

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Project Archaeology at the Rosebud Battlefield

After taking part in the Rosebud Battlefield Archaeological Field School during the 2012 season as a volunteer, I knew I had to bring fellow teachers to the site to share my passion for the history of this place and the amazing knowledge to be gained from the...

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Project Archaeology Leadership Team

The Project Archaeology Leadership Team provides valuable guidance to the national program.  By Jeanne M. Moe, National Project Archaeology Lead, Bureau of Land Management In 2006, Project Archaeology state and regional coordinators and national staff developed...

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A Project Archaeology Sampler in Southeast Arizona

By Paulette LeBlanc Paulette LeBlanc, Project Archaeology professional development instructor, introduced 14 Arizona teachers to archaeology education.  Short workshops at conferences effectively introduce teachers to archaeology in the classroom. Each June, the...

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