Investigating Shelter Teaching Kit


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Teach Project Archaeology: Investigating Shelter Investigating Shelter Teaching Kit

Investigate the geography, history, and archaeology to learn about a culture from the United States. Analyze authentic data from photographs, a real archaeological site, and a biography of a descendant community member. Jump into this engaging, interdisciplinary unit that teaches students cultural understanding. Focus on Common Core State Standards while having fun!

Special Offer! A complete Shelter Teaching Kit for $140 ($149 value). Everything you need to start teaching the unit in your classroom.

The kit includes:Investigating Shelter

  • - Project Archaeology Investigating Shelter guide and Instructional DVD
  • - Shelter of your choice Teacher Instructions and Student Archaeology Notebook
  • - Large floor map of shelter site (approx. 20’ x 10’)
  • - Large floor map of a family room site (12’ x 10’)
  • - Artifacts Cards
  • - Doohickey kits

Kits are made to order! Therefore, the order can take up to 3 weeks for us to process. Please specify the shelter you would like in the order notes:

  1. North Slope Ivrulik (Alaska)Investigating a Basin House
  2. Midwestern Wickiup (Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota)
  3. Kingsley Plantation Tabby Slave Cabin (Florida, Georgia)
  4. The Basin House (Colorado, Wyoming, Utah)
  5. Northwest Coast Plank House (Washington, Alaska)
  6. Great Basin Wickiup (Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, California)
  7. Colonial Earthfast House (Maryland, Virginia, US History)
  8. Tinsley Historic Farmhouse (Montana, US History)
  9. Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest Slave Cabin (Virginia, US History)
  10. Rock Shelter (Colorado, Utah, Wyoming)
  11. Plains Tipi (Montana, Wyoming, US History)
  12. Pawnee Eathlodge (Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri)
  13. Puzzle House Pueblo (Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico)
  14. Investigating a Light Station (Florida, East Coast, West Coast, Michigan)
  15. Neolithic Dwelling at Jarmo (Old World History)
  16. Kentucky Shotgun House (Kentucky, US History)

Teacher Quotes on Curriculum:

“Archaeology fits math CCS perfectly, to my surprise! I thought it was just history and science.”

“Extensive research and design went into developing the unit. I like that the national standards were outlined for each lesson.”

“Project Archaeology provides a hands-on approach to understand the value of cultures and the preservation and study of artifacts.”

“The Understanding by Design method of lessons is helpful with creating useful lesson plans that allow the students to reach their own conclusions by critical thinking”

“The content and process fit perfectly with my classroom standards. The investigation of the Plains Tipi aligns well with history curriculum and the methodology is interesting and engaging for kids!”

“I am excited to use the structure and several different sites (slave cabin, tipi, homestead) to have kids investigate history.”

“I think that this curriculum will be very powerful because it is rich in content, but also because it teaches and requires students to be critical thinkers."

"I feel Project Archaeology curriculum is very rich and provides opportunities for real teaching.”