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Our high quality, interactive inquiry-based curricula can be accessed through workshops, online courses, institutes, or job embedded mentoring.  We offer regional events, online courses, a national Leadership Academy, and professional development videos.

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Project Archaeology has programs in 38 states and offers many professional development opportunities every year.


Project Archaeology is offering a select few the opportunity to take the lead in helping to protect our cultural heritage. Social Studies and Science teachers are encouraged to apply for this unique opportunity which will teach them Project Archaeology’s acclaimed Investigating Shelter, an inquiry-based Social Studies and Science curriculum, and empower them with educating their peers on how to implement the curriculum in the classroom.

Project Archaeology Leadership Academy on the campus of Montana State University.

Online courses

Join us for an exciting trip back in time to investigate archaeology! You will use this virtual workshop to practice the basics of scientific inquiry (observation, inference, evidence, and classification) using authentic archaeological data. This is absolutely a ‘must-do’ course that will not only enhance your own understanding of archaeology, but also provide you with a comprehensive set of lessons that you can use right in your own classroom!

Learn more about the online educator course. Courses are offered in February and October.

Wow, I already have plans for your curriculum! I love it! During our PIR days, our school had two main objectives – Incorporating Native American studies across the curriculum, and writing. Your work covers BOTH…Our theme for the month of September is a “persuasive” paper. I have been struggling to come up with a meaningful topic for sixth graders… until now. This is perfect and so meaningful and relevant to our study of ancient civilizations…my recent exposure to the Anzick site has touched me deeply and inspired me to learn more! I’m truly excited about what lies ahead, and am so grateful for your collection of work that you have shared with me and other educators.

6th Grade Teacher, Montana

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