Our Project Archaeology Blog

Our Project Archaeology Blog


One of the many beautiful formations at Medicine Rocks State Park. (Photo courtesy of Montana State Parks)

Introducing Investigating Medicine Rocks

This post is about our new Project Archaeology: Investigating Rock Art regional curriculum: Investigating Medicine Rocks. In this curriculum, students will study an archaeological site at Medicine Rocks State Park referred to as “Locality E”, studied by archaeologists in 2010. Continue reading

Introducing Investigating Rock Art Project Archaeology

Introducing Investigating Rock Art

Archaeologists study the human past, which often includes items like glass, beads, projectile points, animal bones, and tools that humans have left behind. We often forget to consider the more symbolic remains of the past – art. Project Archaeology’s curriculum, Investigating Rock Art explores how ancient cultures communicated with rock art, how archaeologists study and interpret rock art, and how we can protect rock art sites. Continue reading


Thinking about Today – Investigating A Wintu Roundhouse

With Investigating a Wintu Roundhouse, there is no exception. Students learn about roundhouses and Wintu architecture as well as the importance of the roundhouse to the Wintu people. Roundhouses were important in the past and they are still important and used for ceremonies today.  All roundhouses were round and built into the ground.  They were... Continue reading