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  • A little girl in Washington DC learns about a slave cabin in Project Archaeology: Investigating Shelter, and comments how she has never gotten to learn about her own ancestors in school before.
  • After a rock art lesson from Intrigue of the Past, students asked what they will retain from the lesson in ten years say they will remember how defacing ancient rock art hurts the living descendants of those who put it there.
  • A Navajo boy comes alive for the first time in the classroom when his teacher starts a unit on a Plains Tipi from Project Archaeology: Investigating Shelter. 

We truly believe that the heritage education work we are doing here at Project Archaeology can help save the world. We strive to protect the human past and honor the memories of past people by connecting teachers and students to the past through archaeological discovery. Students discover other cultures and develop cultural understanding which is essential for living in a pluralistic society. Now approaching our 30th anniversary, Project Archaeology continues to expand its programs and lessons to communities across the nation. It is our mission to help preserve archaeology and promote cultural understanding through educational experiences like those in the examples above.

In order to fulfill our mission and provide materials and services to educators throughout the nation, we rely on the generosity of individuals and businesses for additional support. Without the assistance of public service-minded individuals, just like you, we would not be able to serve educators with high-quality education materials and professional development each year.

We ask that you make a commitment to support our mission by making a donation through the link given below. Your generosity will make a difference to educators and their students nationwide by allowing us to continue our work of engaging students through the multidisciplinary science of archaeology!


The button below will take you to our donations page through the Southern Utah University Project Archaeology Fund.


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Thank you for preserving archaeological sites, protecting the human past, and honoring the memories of past people through education.

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