Discover the past through evidence from rock art sites! 
In this curriculum, students examine the distant past through ancient images that people created and left on stone.  Explore how archaeologists study rock art to understand past cultures and learn that rock art was a form of communication before there was written language. Students observe an authentic rock art panel and analyze two interpretation to determine the artist’s message using evidence to support inferences. Students design a web page or smart phone app to help protect rock art.  Investigate the Red Army Rock Art Panel in Colorado (this volume) or go to the rock art database on our website to find another investigation closer to your home. 



"How wonderful for students to see that art as communication is not an ancient thing, but something we can (and often do) use in our own world. It may be my favorite Project Archaeology activity yet!"  - Beth McFadden, Maryland teacher and park interpreter

"Use of this curriculum would allow my students to focus on inferences! Students need lots of practice and this is loaded with inferencing opportunities" - Johnna Hammond, Idaho teacher

"Investigating Rock Art is a great introduction to the study of rock art in archaeology, and I think it will inspire students to learn more about archaeology and help foster an appreciation for rock art and our shared heritage" - Candice Cravins, Alabama archaeologist and museum educator