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Summer Workshops Offered Across the Nation!

Join one of the 2015 workshops hosted across the United States in Kansas, Arkansas, Colorado, and more! Check out the Event Calendar or visit your State's program page to request a workshop in your state. Five Hot Days in July by Virginia A. Wulfkuhle,...

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How to Make a Toggle Harpoon

As we learned in the last blog post, sea mammals are the most important resource for Iñupiaq peoples, as they provide the basic materials for food, shelter, and tools. The Iñupiaq utilized a special tool to better hunt sea mammals called a Toggle Harpoon. In our...

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What is an Ivrulik?

Is it an iglu? Actually, an ivrulik is a semi-subterranean sod house used by the Iñupiat (northern Eskimos) of the North Slope of Alaska—specifically, those who lived at Piŋusugruk (labeled on maps as Point Franklin), a point that juts into the Chukchi Sea near what...

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Story Contest Winner!

We asked teachers from across the nation to submit stories about how they use archaeology in their classroom or a time when they took their students to visit an archaeological site. Dan McRoberts from Iowa is the winner of the Project Archaeology Story Contest!!! He...

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Fingers Crossed for Lighthouse Keeper Investigation!

By Sarah Miller, Florida Public Archaeology Network and Florida State Coordinator Project Archaeology first came to Florida in 2006 when I was hired as Director of the Northeast Regional Center for the Florida Public Archaeology Network.  As part of the grand opening...

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We have heard the proverb "It takes a village to raise a child". Stated another way, it takes collaboration to raise a child.  Taking it one step farther, it takes collaboration to raise a child's archaeological literacy!  The Project Archaeology program in Missouri...

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A Student Teaching Students

On a Fourth Grade Field Trip to an Archaeology Site By Meghan Forney, MSU Anthropology student and Project Archaeology intern When I look back on my life up until this point, I notice that 1) I seem to have been a student for forever and 2) that the chapters of my...

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