Investigating Garnet: A Historic Mining Town


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In  Investigating Garnet: A Historic Mining Town, students become archaeologists and historians as they use the tools and skills of inquiry to investigate Garnet, in the classroom and at the actual site. Students discover that Montana’s historic places are an excellent source of information about our past and that these landmarks continue to benefit our communities in many ways. Designed for 3rd - 5th grade students, this curriculum is adaptable for any other region with mining activity.

Discover the past through a significant historic landmark! Students will use Montana geography and history to learn about a historic mining town in Montana and the people who lived in this important place.

Examine a historic site located in western Montana. Your students will analyze primary document such as historic photographs and census records.

Explore the history of this enticing place and teach your students the importance of preserving and re-using historic structures.

"Actually being able to be in the place about which we were learning was a very impactful experience." -Grade School Teacher, MT

"Garnet is a microcosm of Montana history in terms of mining and ghost towns ... [the] lessons are planned well and use research-based strategies." - Grade School Teacher, MT