Discover the past by learning about the Pawnee in Kansas!

Investigating a Pawnee Earthlodge teaches students about a Pawnee shelter called an Earthlodge, the history of their ancestors, and about the Pawnee tribe today through authentic archaeological and historical inquiry.

Instructions for the Teacher:

The teacher’s document is 24 pages, consisting of background information and four sections corresponding with the student notebook. It includes a brief history of the Pawnee tribe, including details about their livelihood, traditions, and Earthlodge home. Quadrant maps from the archaeological site of a Pawnee Earthlodge in Kansas are provided for students to study and use.

Student Archaeology Notebook:

The student notebook is 27 pages of articles and activities about the Pawnee Earthlodge. Mr. Warren Pratt, a member of the Pawnee tribe, guides students through the investigation. Through archaeology and oral histories students learn how a site is interpreted, why it is important to today’s communities, and the importance of preserving sites for future generations.

The password is the first word on page 79 of the Project Archaeology: Investigating Shelter curriculum guide.