Discover the past by learning about the Walker Tipi Site in Wyoming!

Investigating a Plains Tipi uses authentic archaeological and historical research paired with oral histories to teach students about the use and importance of the Plains Tipi in the past and present lives of Plains Indians.

Instructions for the Teacher:
The teacher’s document is 28 pages, consisting of background information and four sections corresponding with the student notebook. It includes a brief history of different types of tipi construction specific to different tribes. Quadrant maps from the archaeological site, Walker Tipi Site in Wyoming are provided for students to study and use.

Student Archaeological Notebook:
The student notebook is 32 pages of articles and activities about the Walker Tipi Site. Dr. Medicine Crow guides students through the investigation. Through archaeology, the study of historic photographs, and oral histories students learn about the importance of the tipi in past and present communities.

The password is the first word on page 79 of the Project Archaeology: Investigating Shelter curriculum guide.