Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest Plantation in Virginia!

Investigating a Slave Cabin teaches students about the past lives of enslaved Africans at Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest Plantation in Virginia through authentic archaeological and historical inquiry.

Instructions for the Teacher:
The teacher’s document is 31 pages, consisting of background information and four sections corresponding with the student notebook. It includes a brief history of African slavery in Virginia and the shelters where enslaved people lived. Quadrant maps from the archaeological site of a slave cabin at Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest Plantation are provided for students.

Student Archaeology Notebook:
The student notebook is 29 pages of articles and activities about the Poplar Forest Slave Cabin. The biography of Mr. Gregory Jefferson, a descendent of enslaved Africans at Poplar Forest, guides students through the investigation. Through archaeology, students discover artifacts left behind and how soil analysis assists in interpreting the site.

The password is the first word on page 79 of the Project Archaeology: Investigating Shelter curriculum guide.